Automated machine manufacturing

Date 11-05-2023

Automated manufacturing is the process of designing, manufacturing, and installing automated equipment and systems to perform tasks or production processes automatically. Automated machines are used in many industries such as automotive, electronics, food, energy, medical, etc.

Santech Automation and Machine Manufacturing Joint Stock Company is one of the pioneers in the field of automatic machine manufacturing in Vietnam. Santech provides high quality solutions and services in the field of automatic machine manufacturing, with a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers. Santech products and services are manufactured and provided using advanced technology, ensuring high quality and efficiency for customers.

The automatic machine manufacturing process includes the main steps such as design, mechanical processing, assembly, programming and operational testing. Automated machines usually include devices and systems such as sensors, controllers, motors, conveyors, robots, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, etc.

The goal of automated machine building is to increase productivity, improve product quality, and reduce production time and labor costs. Automated applications also benefit employees by reducing repetitive tasks and monotonous work, increasing productivity and efficiency.


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