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Date 11-05-2023

Santech Automation and Machine Manufacturing Joint Stock Company was established in 2019 in Hai Phong city, Vietnam. The company has developed and become one of the pioneers in the field of machine building and automation in Hai Phong. The company specializes in manufacturing and providing high-quality solutions and services in the fields of automatic machine manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and automation solutions. The company provides solutions for industries such as automotive, motorcycle, electronics, food, healthcare, and energy.

Below are the company's vision, mission and core values:

Vision: Santech aspires to become one of the leading companies in the field of machine building and automation in Vietnam. The company wants to provide high-quality products and services, meet the needs of customers and make an active contribution to the development of the country.

Mission: Santech's mission is to bring the best value to customers by providing high quality solutions and services in the field of machine building and automation. The company is committed to creating a professional and creative working environment to attract and retain talents, while actively contributing to the development of the community.

Core values

Creativity: Santech promotes creativity and encourages its employees to think creatively to come up with new solutions for customers.

Quality: The company always ensures high quality for its products and services to meet the requirements and needs of customers.

Commitment: Santech is committed to meeting customer requirements and completing projects on time and on budget.

Team spirit: The company creates a friendly and united working environment, encourages cooperation and information exchange among members of the company.

Santech's products and services are manufactured and provided using advanced technology, with a staff of experienced, highly qualified and fully trained in technology, production process and control. quality.

Some of Santech's products and services include:

  • Automated machine manufacturing
  • Mechanical machinery manufacturing
  • Automation solutions
  • Design, manufacture and install production automation system
  • Repair and maintenance of machinery and automation equipment

In addition, Santech Company is also committed to bringing the best value to customers by providing high quality solutions and services, ensuring the most optimal production time and cost.

With a solid vision, mission and core values, Santech has become one of the reliable and trusted partners chosen by customers to solve professional problems in the field of machine manufacturing. and automation.

For more detailed information about products, solutions and services of Santech Automation and Machine Building Joint Stock Company, customers can contact the company through the following information:

Address: Phuong Chu Dong, Truong Thanh, An Lao, Hai Phong
Phone: 0888.998.198 - 09.883.11111
Email: info@santech.vn
Website: https://autosantech.com

Customers can send inquiries or questions via email or phone, or visit the company's website for more detailed information about Santech's products, solutions and services. The company also has information channels on social networks such as Facebook for customers to update the latest information and communicate with the company.

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