Automation solutions

Date 11-05-2023

Santech Automation and Machine Building Joint Stock Company provides high-quality automation solutions in many fields, such as automobile manufacturing, electronics, food, healthcare, energy, and more. Santech is committed to bringing the most effective automation solution to customers by using advanced technology and a team of experienced engineers.

Santech's automation solutions include:

  • Design, manufacture and install production automation systems: Santech provides production automation solutions and services to help customers increase productivity, reduce production time and labor costs. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing all kinds of production automation systems such as product assembly systems, product packaging and inspection systems, automatic conveying systems, etc.
  • Automation solutions in production: Santech provides automation solutions for manufacturing processes such as transportation, handling, product quality inspection and production process control. These solutions help optimize production, ensure product quality and reduce lead times.
  • Repair and maintenance of automation systems: Santech also provides repair and maintenance services for existing automation systems, to ensure the efficient and stable operation of these systems. These services include system repair, maintenance, upgrade and optimization.

With a solid vision and core values, Santech has become one of the reliable and trusted partners chosen by customers to solve professional problems in the field of production automation.


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